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Building a steady flow of traffic is critical to the success of your business, and the vast majority of that traffic will come from search engines. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the art of optimizing your website to rank well in the search engine results pages. SEO is the most fundamental element of a profitable internet marketing campaign, and one of the most notoriously difficult things for a business to do well. SeoStrong is a professional, comprehensive search engine marketing firm with the knowledge and experience to naturally increase your position in the search engine results pages, deliver targeted traffic, and maximize your ROI.

"62% of search engine users click on a search result within the first page of results, and a full 90% of search engine users click on a result within the first three pages of search results." – Jupiter Research Study of Search Engine User Behavior

Getting to the top of the search engine results pages can make or break your business, and the results of this study underscore the critical role search engine optimization plays. Choosing the right SEO company, with a steady track record of proven results and satisfied clients, can make a dramatic impact on your bottom line: SeoStrong's clients can expect to see their traffic skyrocket, and increases of 2000% or more are regularly reported. We place special emphasis on protecting the integrity of your business, and use only genuine "white hat" search engine optimization techniques to consistently achieve these stellar results. 

Not Just Visitors: Targeted Traffic

Although most businesses realize the profound impact that search engine optimization has on their website's discoverability, few are able to successfully integrate SEO's many nuances to attract targeted traffic. Receiving droves of visitors to your webpage does little good unless that traffic is highly focused, and SeoStrong excels in connecting your business with the right customers. 

The difference between casual visitors and targeted traffic can profoundly affect your success. A recent Nielson Company survey of 48 global markets found that online consumers are uniquely loyal, with close to 60% of customers making repeat purchases from the same website: 

"If shopping sites can capture [customers] early, and create a positive shopping experience, they will likely capture their loyalty and their money." - Jonathan Carson, President, International, Nielsen Online

Our team's expertise in effective marketing and search-friendly web development optimally blends the technical elements that will improve your organic position in the search engine results pages with the user-friendly elements that will turn targeted traffic into loyal, paying customers. 

Our Search Engine Optimization Process

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process teaching the search engines what your website is about, which search terms it should rank well for, and building your website's authority and credibility around those keywords and phrases. We keep our clients involved throughout the SEO process, providing up to date analytics and ongoing consultation to help you achieve your goals and propel your business toward success. 

Keyword Selection and Competitive Analysis

On the internet, strong keywords are the backbone of a successful marketing campaign. Our search engine optimization process begins with a thorough analysis of your market and your competition to determine the most important keyword phrases for your business. Our attention to detail and thorough understanding of the "search language" that potential customers use to find information online allows us to carefully select the optimal keywords to raise your position in the SERPs. Utilizing a variety of keyword discovery and traffic analysis tools, we develop a customized keyword strategy specifically tailored to the goals and needs of your business.

On-Page SEO Techniques

Using your carefully selected keywords, our SEO experts begin the process of optimizing your website's on-page elements. This involves cleaning up your website's code and inserting your keywords in strategic places throughout your site. We add your carefully chosen keywords to your site's title tags and meta-keyword tags. We include them in carefully written meta-description tags that will entice searchers to click on your website. We also add your keywords to the alt-tags for your images, contributing both to SEO and to your website's accessibility. 

Our on-page optimization process continues with an analysis of your website's technical coding and navigational elements. Cleanly written code makes your site easier to update, but more importantly, it drastically improves your page load times and creates a user-friendly experience that will encourage your visitors to stay. We also optimize your website's internal link structure, permalinks and redirects. Strategically including your keywords within your navigation structure makes it easier for humans and search engine spiders alike to find the content they're looking for. 

Off-Page SEO Techniques

After the optimization of your website's on-page elements is completed, we shift our focus to external search engine optimization techniques. Our off-page optimization process combines a variety of proven strategies to show the search engines that your website is a credible, authoritative and popular source of information. 

Although the exact algorithms that search engines use to determine your position in the SERPs is constantly evolving and highly secretive, the importance of obtaining high-quality inbound links to your website cannot be overstated. With every inbound link representing a "vote of confidence" in your website, search engines have increased the weight of social media in determining a website's value to the internet community. Consumers and business have steadily increased their use of social media, and our techniques for using it effectively will give you a leg up on your competition. We utilize cutting-edge social media management tools to help you monitor a campaign's success and manage your online reputation from an easy to use platform. 

The core of our off-page SEO strategy involves using time-tested techniques that consistently achieve results for our clients, regardless of the latest search engine algorithm updates and trends. We build a network of high-quality inbound links through a combination of blogging, article marketing and syndication, rss feed syndication, directory submissions, and well-written press releases, all using your strategically chosen keywords as anchor text. We carefully secure links from sources that will build your website's credibility around your theme and keywords. 

Ongoing Performance Analysis

After implementing on-page, off-page, and social media SEO strategies, we continue to monitor your website's performance and position in the SERPs for your chosen keywords. Our team is highly experienced in analyzing the results of a search engine optimization campaign, and making the appropriate adjustments for you to achieve the highest possible placement. We are committed to achieving the best possible results for our clients on an ongoing basis. Your success is our success, and your bottom line will prove it.

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SeoStrong's SEO strategies propelled our site to the top of the search engines for some of the most competitive terms in the iPhone App industry.

They offered a comprehensive approach to optimization that covered every aspect of the site including: design improvements, guidelines for our writers, and an ongoing social media plan that was realistic to maintain.

And, of course, they did their own magic behind the scenes! SeoStrong built a strong foundation for our site and attracted search engine traffic that helped AppCraver become an industry leader.

-Barbara Holbrook, Editor-in-Chief
The primary objective of our business consulting project was to develop and deliver a marketing plan to attract new business from the government/military market for Starwood Hotel Properties in the San Diego area.

We consulted with SeoStrong on search related topics and methodology, their involvement was invaluable.
- Jared Schwartz, MBA

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Client Testimonials