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Local Search Optimization is the increasingly important component of a competitive internet marketing campaign that is focused on attracting highly targeted local traffic to your website. Today's consumers use the internet as their primary source of information about local business, making traditional methods of local advertising, like the Yellow Pages, obsolete. By implementing a solid Local Search Optimization strategy, your company will be uniquely poised to capitalize on this shift in consumer behavior.

Internet users searching for local information are extremely likely to convert into sales or leads: A full 82% of the people who discover your business through local search will follow up with a phone call or a walk-in visit. -TMP/Comscore

This tendency for potential customers to contact you directly provides an exceptional growth opportunity for businesses that firmly establish their online presence through Local Search Optimization. 

The Search Engines Are Adapting – Are You?

The major search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing work to consistently provide the most relevant results possible. The growing trend among internet users to include geographically specific keywords in their search queries has continued to build momentum, and the search engines have taken note:

Google recently reported that a full 20% of its search queries included geographically specific terms. With roughly 14.3 billion total searches performed each month, nearly 3 billion contain local search terms.

Google has responded to the surge of geo-specific search queries by giving locally optimized results considerably more weight. They prominently display local business locations using Google Maps at the top of their results pages, along with contact information and customer reviews on a Google Places page. 

Yahoo Local and Bing Local have followed suit, making it easier than ever for searchers to find businesses in their area. Moreover, the algorithms the search engines use to rank these invaluable local search results positions are significantly different than those used for traditional search results. This gives your business the ability to outrank competitors with substantially higher advertising budgets, making Local Search Optimization an integral component of a successful online marketing strategy.

Mobile Search: A Way of Life

As smartphones like the iPhone and Android continue to command a growing share of the mobile marketplace, and tablets like the iPad increase in popularity, the relevance of mobile search has proved to be more than just a passing fad:

In early 2011, the U.S. alone had more than 234 million mobile phone users, and nearly 50% of them used their mobile devices for search within a given month. -Search Engine Watch (May 2011)

For local businesses, this is great news. Mobile phone and tablet users are among the most likely to search for local businesses, especially while on the go. Mobile devices naturally encourage shorter search queries and hyper-local results, so a top ranking in Google Places and other local search platforms gives your business a distinct advantage over your competition. 

Leveraging the Power of Local Search Optimization

Our Local Search Optimization service combines specialized techniques that will propel you to the top of the Google Places, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local with traditional SEO strategies that will raise your position in the organic search results pages. Our comprehensive research process allows us to formulate a thorough plan to expand your customer base and build authority in your local market. 

By creating, locating, and optimizing online profiles for your business, we ensure that the information your customers are finding on the web is accurate and up to date. Additionally, our Local Search Optimization strategy embraces the growing popularity of "socially relevant" sites and mobile applications like Foursquare, Yelp, and Citysearch. We encourage customer reviews and testimonials that will improve your position in the local search results pages and provide the "social proof" that transforms curious searchers into loyal customers. 

Our Local Search Optimization services allow your business to harness the potential of this rapidly growing traffic source. Our unique combination of technical expertise and marketing savvy will put your business "on the map", allowing you to attract a steady stream of new customers and leads, and maximizing the ROI from your marketing campaign.

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SeoStrong's SEO strategies propelled our site to the top of the search engines for some of the most competitive terms in the iPhone App industry.

They offered a comprehensive approach to optimization that covered every aspect of the site including: design improvements, guidelines for our writers, and an ongoing social media plan that was realistic to maintain.

And, of course, they did their own magic behind the scenes! SeoStrong built a strong foundation for our site and attracted search engine traffic that helped AppCraver become an industry leader.

-Barbara Holbrook, Editor-in-Chief AppCraver.com
The primary objective of our business consulting project was to develop and deliver a marketing plan to attract new business from the government/military market for Starwood Hotel Properties in the San Diego area.

We consulted with SeoStrong on search related topics and methodology, their involvement was invaluable.
- Jared Schwartz, MBA

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