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Facebook and Twitter Marketing is the art of utilizing these powerful, interactive social media platforms to engage your visitors, expand your customer base, strengthen your brand image, augment your search engine optimization efforts, and build rapport with your target market.

Facebook has over 500 million active users, and 50% of them log in to Facebook on any given day. These users spend over 700 billion minuets per month on the site. - Facebook.com 

There are currently 110 million tweets per day from the 200 million registered users. - Raffi Krikorian, Twitter's lead on Application Services

Our Facebook and Twitter Marketing services harness the potential of this abundant traffic source. We work directly with your business to implement an effective strategy that creates explosive growth in the quality, quantity, and loyalty of your visitors.

Building an Interactive Community

Facebook and Twitter have fundamentally changed the way people connect with businesses on the web. Social media's ability to create an interactive community of users and stimulate conversation through the viral sharing of content provides an invaluable opportunity to gain insight into your customers' wants and needs, and the agency to address their concerns directly. By listening to your community and actively participating in the discussion, you'll build powerful relationships with your customers based on credibility and trust. 

90% of consumers noted that they trust recommendations from people they know, and 70% trusted consumer opinions posted online. – Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey

In the new digital word-of-mouth economy, the success of your business hinges on your ability to build relationships with your customers. Our Facebook and Twitter Marketing strategy focuses on engaging your customers in a way that will help them feel ownership of your brand. Once that connection is established, your customers are more likely to share your information, content, and recommendations with their network of Facebook friends and Twitter followers, and you'll enjoy the benefits of watching your community do your marketing for you. 

SEO Benefits of Facebook and Twitter Marketing

As social media continues to increase in popularity, search engine algorithms have increased the weight of social media links and Facebook "likes". A well-implemented Facebook and Twitter Marketing campaign can drastically increase the number of these "votes of confidence" in your site, rapidly improving your position in the search engine results pages. 

Microsoft's Bing search engine recently added a feature that displays photos of a searcher's Facebook friends that "like" a particular website along with their search results. When a searcher sees that their peers approve of your business, it establishes a connection that dramatically improves your click-through rate. Companies that engage in both SEO and social media campaigns enjoy significantly higher conversion rates from their organic traffic due to the increase in trust that social media provides.

Our Facebook and Twitter Marketing Process:

  • We create and set up your Facebook and Twitter accounts. We integrate professionally written profile pages with information from your website to strengthen your message and brand identity.
  • We prepare and format content for your updates and tweets, including any rich media you provide (photos, videos, etc.) along with news, promotions, and contests. Updates and Tweets are created with keywords in mind to complement your SEO efforts. 
  • We retweet and repost content relevant to your business, providing value to your users and establishing rapport.
  • We integrate of variety of Facebook apps to keep your fans engaged, and develop unique FBML apps that distinguish you from your competitors.
  • We utilize quizzes and polls to build your brand awareness. These stimulate user interaction and increased visibility through their high probability of being shared.
  • We create and implement Facebook advertising campaigns that can be highly targeted to specific groups based on user interests and demographics.
  • The details of your Facebook and Twitter Marketing campaign are managed through our intuitive client console, making it simple for you to monitor the impact of your engagement.

An effective social media strategy is paramount to maintaining a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving online business environment. Our Facebook and Twitter Marketing specialists have the experience and expertise to help you engage your visitors, generate buzz, and transform your fans into an interactive community of loyal customers.

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SeoStrong's SEO strategies propelled our site to the top of the search engines for some of the most competitive terms in the iPhone App industry.

They offered a comprehensive approach to optimization that covered every aspect of the site including: design improvements, guidelines for our writers, and an ongoing social media plan that was realistic to maintain.

And, of course, they did their own magic behind the scenes! SeoStrong built a strong foundation for our site and attracted search engine traffic that helped AppCraver become an industry leader.

-Barbara Holbrook, Editor-in-Chief AppCraver.com
The primary objective of our business consulting project was to develop and deliver a marketing plan to attract new business from the government/military market for Starwood Hotel Properties in the San Diego area.

We consulted with SeoStrong on search related topics and methodology, their involvement was invaluable.
- Jared Schwartz, MBA

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Client Testimonials